Technical Sales & Support for Automation & IT Products

About Us

About Us

Orveus is an Alberta based company, with strong technical support for IT and Automation applications. We provide product solutions and ideas to meet your requirements. 



We carry a wide variety of Canadian Approved/Certified IoT solutions which includes but is not limited to:

-Ethernet/Fiber Switches

-Firewall & Security Appliances

-Embedded PCs  for Harsh Environments

-Custom Rackmount Servers

-Cell Modems/Remote Access Equipment

-Power Supplies/UPS

-Protocol Converters

-Tablets, Laptops and Handheld Devices

-Data Acquisition 

-Remote Monitoring Equipment

-Surveillance Cameras & Systems

-Touch Screens, Panel PCs & HMIs

*Please contact us for a full line card

Technical Sales & Service

 We provide quality technical solutions coupled with pre/post-sale technical support, troubleshooting and repair. We offer onsite and on call technical support as needed by our clients.